First things first, one of the main things you can do is to simply promote your page. Promoting your page will help more people to become aware of your business and help to gain a larger audience. The best ways to promote your page are on your other social media platforms and/or blogs. Incorporate links into your blogs and social posts is an easy method of putting your business's page out in front of a much wider audience than say, word of mouth for example.

Another method would be to participate in Facebook groups to help spread the word around your page. Simply join a few different relevant groups regarding subject matters that refer to your business and post content referring to your products/services. Search keywords that revolve around your business, for example, a florist might search for keywords such as flower arranging and bouquets. One of the best ways to promote within this method is to join the groups as your Facebook page. When people hover over your name it will appear as your page helping to increase your brand's exposures.

Another simple tip is to make sure that you post daily or every other day to your page. Increasing the amount of content, you post will help to attract other potential customers and increase your brand's exposure. Not only does posting regularly on your page increase your reach, but it allows you to build stronger relationships with your existing audience that you have already built up.

Don’t forget to look at your page insights. Facebooks page insights is a free to use tool that allows you to closely monitor your page's outcomes whether they are positive or negative. This tool will help you spot content that isn't working so that you can alter it for future posts to improve your engagement with your customers.

In conclusion, obtaining a larger audience and boosting your brand's exposure should be a number one priority when trying to boost your Facebook pages reach. Make sure you post plenty of content to keep your audience happy and post within groups to further extend your reach.

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