YouTube introduced an automatic captioning feature, this is used as the default caption option. Truthfully, I would try avoiding this when it comes to increasing views, SEO and good overall ratings. As you can see in many YouTube videos, the automatic caption feature is often very unreliable with many word mistakes and other faults which can cause it not to work or providing people with the wrong words. Although you should use closed captions for people with hearing difficulties, if the video is not just pure audio I would try to avoid using it or write your own captions.

When it comes to SEO, there is probably one word that you are sick and tired of hearing over and over again, which is, keywords. Just like Google, to get to the top of the search result you will need to use keywords in your titles, tags, description and thumbnails so people know what to type in and know what they are looking for. For those you do not understand a keyword, it is a word or a few words strongly related to the title of the video or the product that a company is selling, you then put these everywhere you can so your search results shoot up.

YouTubers can choose a frame to display as the video thumbnail, or they can either design and upload their own thumbnail. Choosing the right image for your YouTube video is crucial to draw the audience in and making them want to watch the video. Adding big bold keywords to the image will make sure the audience know what they are watching straight away, there for giving you more views. Ideally, you should have a nicely designed image with your keywords standing out on a nice background with nothing too complexed, try to avoid using other company’s logos.

This next tip is potentially the biggest and most important tip out of the whole of this blog. Upload your videos consistently and on a regular basis. The best target you can aim for is 3-4 videos a week. Another tip is to put your videos on a schedule so your viewers and subscribers know when the next video is coming out, so it is set to be released at a set time on a certain day of the week. Regular views and repeated visits to your channel will boost your rankings higher and this can be achieved by uploading regularly.

The final tip is a very necessary tip to do, you need to embed your YouTube videos on your website. When your new video drops make sure to embed it on your web page or blog. This exposes your videos to a whole new amount of people who will click on the video, therefore, racking in views, subscribers and comments. Embedded video views contribute to your total watch time on your channel and will boost your SEO.

If you are a YouTuber or are wanting to develop your YouTube brand, these tips will be great for you to learn so you can push your channel to a bigger audience. SEO is the most important feature of the whole of the internet without SEO they would be no rankings and it would be all completely random. So learn these tips to gain more exposure and rank at the top of your search engine.

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