Online video is vastly expanding, with on average 4 billion videos are viewed every single day. If you use YouTube to market your business, you can easily put out content and reach your audience. To get the video to its full potential advertising on other people’s videos is a good way to get more views and potential subscribers. Even though 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube, it only takes a well-produced video for it to go viral.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest of benefits of using YouTube for business is that you can grow your audience all over the world. Making consistent video content allows you to have new viewers who would never come across your business any other way. YouTube allows you to reach a worldwide audience only if you speak in one language. If you speak native English then you’re in luck, 30% of YouTube views come from people who speak English, in addition to this, you can include subtitles for people who speak different languages.

YouTube is becoming one of the biggest money making platforms overall on the internet. Consistently uploading video content gives you the opportunity to earn some money from your videos, this uses Google’s AdSense for video. Thousands of channels are making six figures a year and a certain few even pushing seven figures a year. Although don’t expect for you to be making thousands overnight, it will happen if you create interesting and creative content.

Using YouTube for business can help you reuse content you have already made without having to spend a lot of time or invest in expensive equipment. Recycling used content is an effective way of content marketing as you can reach an audience that will love your content. For example, using a blog post and turning it into a video or even making it into a podcast. This then allows you to create loads of content from one idea.

If your video has a personal touch it allows you to increase conversions, gain subscribers and helps people gain trust which then increases sales. If a viewer likes your video they will hopefully, share it with a friend or even buy your services/product. Building a form of trust with your customers and new consumers is a lot easy via video, this is due to connecting on a level which you cannot do on a picture or a form of text as it allows the customer to feel like they know you personally.

YouTube is essential to a business if they are low on budget and want a free advertising tool. Reaching billions of views a day, it is the largest video sharing site on the internet and you would be passing up a great opportunity if you were not to use this tool. After reading this blog will you be using YouTube to advertise your business? If so be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you plan to do on your channel.

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