Them little text filled bubbles that say words like ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Leave a like’ are called annotations, and these are a very effective way to get more views. Through annotations, you can link one of your videos to another one of your views. You can also link things like playlists, your channel and plenty of more other stuff. Annotations are probably the best way to point your viewers in the way of your channel, gaining your more views.

A lot of people who upload videos to YouTube don’t know that playlists are one of the strongest ways to get views. A playlist consists of videos that will play in order, one after another automatically. The best thing about playlists is that they come up completely separately in the search results. This means if you have a video about boating, viewers will have more opportunities when trying to find your video. This might just mean they may watch the full playlist too.

Another way to get more views is probably the most obvious too. Making a video around or based on trends will attract more viewers due to the audience will quite probably be searching for that trending topic. Title your video similarly to that of the trend, add relatable music to the topic you are talking about and research what other creators are uploading, but remember, take inspiration and don’t copy. Whilst creating your video on the trend, to get more views add your own unique twist.

If you haven’t discovered or taken advantage of the YouTube community yet then you are only damaging your own channel. By commenting on other people’s videos, who make similar videos to your, will put your name in their community and will spread your name around. If you do choose to comment on other people’s videos people who read the comment will likely to click on your channel if their content is like yours. If you are in the community try collaborating with other YouTubers is a good idea, due to both having different subscriber bases.

Subscribers are THE best way to get more views on your channel. Although this may sound obvious, subscribers are your ‘fan base’ and they are waiting for you to upload more new videos so that they can watch them. The more subscribers you have, the more people will be waiting to watch the newest video, resulting in a whole load more views. How to get new subscribers you may ask? Aside from being consistent and uploading interesting content, a lot of viewers only subscribe if they like your videos in a consistent matter.

YouTube is an amazing tool for marketing your business and having fun with. Whether you get, thousands, hundreds or no views, it really doesn’t matter if you enjoy putting out the videos and have fun with making the content you do. If this article was useful to you, please be sure to leave your opinion down in the comment section below and a huge thank you for reading.

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