Below I have listed a few tips on how to best use and improve your Google Plus account to help set sail your business into the wide open ocean of which we call the internet!

Meaningful Content

Content posted for the sake of it is no good to the consumer on the other side of the screen! Make sure your content is of value and meaningful to your target audience. This will help ensure your engagement stays at a high.

Headlines are Everything!

The only way to gain the most engagement within any social platform is to stand out from the rest of the crowd. To do this, you not only have to have original content but to have eye-catching imagery and headings. Experiment and use snappy headlines to grab your readers attention before they’ve even read the main article.


If you are stuck for ideas on what to write, why not take a look and see wants trending at the moment on other social medias such as Facebook. If something is in the news recently that’s got everyone going #crazy, write an article about how you/your company feels about the issue and get people to also state their opinions in the comments. This is a great way of receiving a higher level of engagement as it’s a subject matter your audience is interested in.

Use Imagery

Did you know that the human brain remembers imagery better than it does a block of text? This is all the more reason to use more images. Imagery is also eye-catching and will help draw in more of a crowd around your content posts in the future.


Keeping a regular flow of content to schedule out to let your followers know you're still active. Posting consistently will also help to keep your SEO up as Google will reward you the more often you post!

Track, Test and Tweak

The three T's. Track your content on programs such as Moz and Google Analytics to make sure you are on track with everything. If something isn't working, because you’ve tracked your progress you will be able to pick up on the issue and alter your plan before you lose more engagement.


Be sure to experiment with your posts and continue tracking your progress. Make sure you listen and respond to what your audience is saying in order to gain the best exposure and engagement.

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