Building a Facebook Group around your brand or business can be a great way to connect with your customers while putting your social proof front and centre. Facebook Groups are incredibly popular at the moment, and that is, in part, due to the value that comes from having a community of likeminded individuals.

An engaged and supportive Facebook Group is one way to support your current customers whilst nurturing leads. Your Facebook Group can do both of those things if you know how to properly build a valuable, engaged community. Setting up a Facebook Group is quite easy, but it is the cultivation and maintenance of the group that is tricky and takes effort.

First off, Facebook Groups are completely different from Facebook business pages or profiles. Similar to a member forum, a Facebook group is where people come to connect, grow, and discuss their common interest or cause.

One of the biggest benefits to building an engaged and spam free Facebook Group though, is to unlock your social proof and use that power to build a foundation for scalable word of mouth.
So, how would you use Facebook Groups? Well firstly, you need to join the right groups. With millions of active groups on Facebook, there truly is a group for every interest. If you are looking for networking, you can track down groups within your industry to connect with your peers and prospective customers.

With so many groups to choose from, you will need to start with some research to find groups that fit your needs. Start by asking your colleagues and customers what groups they are active in. Facebook also offers a “suggested groups” gesture that you can find on your top navigation bar when you view Groups from your profile.

You can also use graph search to locate groups using the string “groups of people who like TOPIC or PAGE NAME.” Once you find groups, read their descriptions and see if the group is open to new members. You can then request to join the group by clicking on join in the top right corner of the group’s page.

The next way which you can utilise Facebook Groups is to be genuine and helpful. To build a solid reputation and real relationships, your goal should not be to sell or promote, but to be helpful. Focus on being of service by asking and answering questions and engaging with other group members. These activities result n relationship and connections which will in time turn into sales, referrals and partnerships for your business.

Another way you can utilise Facebook Groups is to use the group as a way to drive people to your Facebook page. A good example would be the Facebook page Social Suzi who built her business page from 60 to over 900 likes in under 10 months purely through sharing in groups, so what are you waiting for start utilising Facebook Group now!

So, that was our blog on how you can utilise Facebook Groups in order to build your Facebook audience. We hope you enjoyed this blog and learnt something.

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