Still, the challenge remains: We need links, we need traffic and we need to rank. So, how do we do this in an ethical manner?

Luckily, there are still some powerful white hat strategies that you can leverage in order to rank well for those pesky keywords. So, here are three of the best strategies for getting to the top of Google.

Guest Posts – Guest posting has been contested territory for quite some time. Back in 2014, Google’s then head of web spam, Matt Cutts, advised that guest posting was becoming increasingly ineffective at building links. If you’re doing a lot of guest posting, he warned, “you’re hanging out with some really bad company.”It is easy to see why guest posting has come under fire in recent years. After all, guest blogs used to be a really easy way to get backlinks – maybe a little too easy.

All too often, the standard guest post is 500 words long, includes no links to sources and presents no thoughtful commentary or new insight.I’m not saying you can’t have a worthwhile 500-word post. Of course, you can. But the majority of guest bloggers aren’t looking at readers concerns. They don’t care whether to derive value from the post or not. They care about getting a link, and they’ve nailed the absolute bare minimum required to achieve that end.That drags the name of the guest blogger into the mud. But it also gives you an opportunity.

Rather than focus on acquiring links, guest blogging can help with SEO in other, less direct ways. By consistently posting excellent, in-depth content on relevant blogs, you’ll drive up authority and then gain more social shares, along with signs of quality that Google takes seriously. You’re also more likely to get actual traffic to your website from high-quality content – which is what link building is supposed to be about.Stuffing low-quality posts with links to your site – or third-party links – may be a thing of the past. But guest blogging is still a powerful tool to increase authority and search visibility.

Infographics – Infographics are a powerful way of getting a point across quickly and intuitively. That is one reason why they are so popular. But they are also an effective way of getting high-quality backlinks quickly.The trick to getting that to happen is in the embed code. After you create your infographic, you can use a tool like the SeigeMedia Embed Code Generator to build the code. This is the code that people who want to post your infographic to their own site will use. So, include a request to link back to your site, and make it easy by bundling exactly the URL you want a 70 or so word description of the infographic; then they’ll store it, and when other content marketers and bloggers want a graphic, they’ll be more likely to find yours.

The free infographic publisher landscape changes quite quickly, so make sure you’re not putting your content on dead sites.

Personal blogs of the CEO & other employees – Blogging lets you connect with your readers. Most blogs are written in an informal, conversational style that is a long way from what you’d see in a newspaper or magazine. And that is true of professional blogs, too.Using personal blogs at work – the CEO’s blog, for instance – can be a way to generate content that feels natural and personal. These people can blog about their own interests, and those interests are bound to overlap with the company’s targeting. Blogs like this are also a way to offer specific insights because certain employees will know things no one else on your team knows.

For example, what are the legal implications of the product you’re developing? Get someone from legal to blog about it. Suddenly, readers in a similar position at other companies suddenly have a reason to read this content.Personal professional blogs can be done one of two ways. You can offer a multi-voice blog on your company website, either as posts within the larger company blog or as separate sections with their own visual branding. Or you can have team members blog on their own domains and occasionally refer back to the company blog when appropriate.

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