Although it may be easy enough to grab your audience's attention with well thought out content, gaining a reaction from them is a little trickier. The main difficulty is getting them to comment on the content that you are posting.

Engagement should be your number one priority as good engagement will eventually lead on to future clients and a wider reach for your company!

I have listed below a few effective ways you should be engaging with your audience with to help increase your business.

Current Events

Let's start things of simply with talking about current events. Keeping an eye on what's trending on social media each day will help you to create event-specific content. Anything that you post that relates to a specific current event is a sure-fire way to engage your audience.


Why not consider hosting a one-off competition every now and then to reward your loyal followers/customers. Let them know that you care for their engagement and time. When thinking about creating your contest, remember to keep in mind your audience and make it lighthearted and above all fun to promote and boost your brand's products. Do something out of the ordinary so your followers will want to join in!

Tip: Don't just stick to one social platform, post the contest content around on all of your social media profiles to help create an uproar and get your content noticed more!

Wording of Questions

Asking questions is another simple method of trying to gain those all-important comments and shares. With simple questions comes simple answers or none at all on occasion. Make sure the questions you ask your audience are above ordinary and make them actually want to respond. For example, if you work in the food industry, you need to ask your audience a little more than just a simple 'What's your favourite dish?' kind of question and give your audience a multiple choice question that goes more in depth.


Take some time to think about your plan of action before creating content to put in front of your audience. Remember to keep in mind current events, any questions your audience repeatedly asks and to word any questions with care. Following the listed methods above will help you to build and engage with a wider audience.

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