LinkedIn is basically like Facebook but for business use. The platform offers many a chance to connect with business owners and other high-end corporate people that would be a welcomed bonus for connecting with your company/business.

Whether you’ve just started using LinkedIn or consider yourself an expert, I have put together a list below regarding a few tips and tricks that will help you take off within your LinkedIn journey.

Finish Your Profile!

This one is a no-brainer really. Far too many people are simply not bothering to completely fill their profile out within the social platform. They throw in the towel far too early thinking it as nothing more than a chore to fill out. Having a completed profile will help you appear more within search results and increase your professionalism.

Your Job Titles, Optimise them for Keywords!

Sprinkle in a few keywords to bait search engines helping you to appear within a wider range of results. For example, if you are, say a Blog Manager, you can change it to something like 'Inbound Marketing Strategy Blog Manager'!


Think outside the box... Don’t let LinkedIn's four walls stop you there, use other social platforms to promote your profile via the use of your profile URL. Share your profile URL as much as possible to help increase the traffic flow and hopefully you will gain some engagement from these extra visits.

Collect Those Endorsements!

On LinkedIn, there's an option with your profile for skills. An endorsement is what other users can give you for each of your skills. The more endorsements you have the better as they help to increase the strength of your profile and help keep you connected with your network.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Although tempting, stuffing your profile full of keywords is the wrong way to go about things and should be avoided. Stuffing keywords will not give you much search result benefit either. Your profile will read better if it is being crammed full of as many keywords as you can cram in.


In conclusion, your LinkedIn profile should be a place that best sells you and your business. To gain more exposure and engagement, make sure that you share your profile using the URL and up your SEO by making slight alterations to your profile.

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