The main goal of having a thumbnail on your YouTube video is that you want to engage your audience and invite new audiences into your YouTube video or even channel. There are many ways you can do this, which you can see if you carry on reading.

Step one to getting the perfect thumbnail is to have a close-up image on your or someone else’s face. Try to make the white part of your eyes clearly visible so it looks like you are excited or shocked.

The second step is very relevant to the first step, for the perfect thumbnail you need to show strong emotions in your facial close, the emotion should be in tune with the theme of the video I.e. if the video is a sad video try and make it look like you’re really upset or even crying. When a viewer sees’s emotion they are more likely to subscribe and watch your other videos because it makes them feel for you or even feel the emotion themselves.

Step three is to use a bright, colourful but also relevant background to make your facial image stand out just that little more. Using a ‘sunburst’ effect in the background will also draw the viewer into the main attraction point of the thumbnail.
Step four could be the most important tip, this is to add outlines to your images, for example, on the image of you showing strong emotion, add a white outline around the picture to make it stand out from the background. This will work because it is bound to draw people in to see your face due to it standing out.

Step five is a controversial one, the use of text. The use of text on a thumbnail is a controversial one due to people thinking it should be a clean, image based thumbnail. However, I strongly disagree with this and think a text is a huge advantage, try adding a simple, bold font. With this font use a white or black colour, depending on the background, then add a white stroke with black text or a black stroke when using white text.

Step six, the final step, is THE most important step. Consistency, consistency is the key to a successful channel, not just in thumbnails, but in video uploads, YouTube banner and logo theme and a whole load more. Consistency is key due to the fact people will start recognising your channel if they see your thumbnail theme.

There are many different ways to make your thumbnail yours and to get the perfect thumbnail takes time to find your own style and simplicity. These are the main steps you will need to do for your thumbnail to come across perfect. Are you looking to have the perfect YouTube title? Look no further, read our following blog on how you can have the perfect title.

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