To help your business push through this mass of content and rise to the top, I have put together a few helpful tips to get your business off the ground.

Use Ads

Don’t be afraid to spend a little on promoting your posts to help push your content in front of a larger audience and extend your reach. Social media sites such as Facebook, offer the option to pay to promote your page/posts. A simple $10-$20 can go a long way on Facebook as well as other small budget payments on other social media accounts. A little can go a long way!

Don't Work too Hard

To get your business off the ground you are going to have to work hard to get towards the top of the ladder, but when it comes to your content, try not to put all your energy into just one thing. Don’t force your audience to view your content or the message won't go across and they won't see your business for what it's worth.

Take Care

When creating your content be careful not to rush things. Don’t post out content just for the sake of posting it. Take your time when writing each post so that it has meaning to your followers and visitors when they read it.


Blogs are a great piece of content to have on your side. You can focus on subjects that your followers are most interested in learning about and you can answer plenty of questions within a blog. They are perfect for satisfying your customers on unanswered questions and help them get more of an insight into what your business can do! Blogs are also an excellent tool for improving your websites SEO.

Make sure that you blog consistently so that your audience can see that you are still active and to keep your website up in the SEO rankings of Google!


Make a note and keep an eye on upcoming and current trends in the media to help make your content more relevant to other social media users. Theresa May recently announced the upcoming elections and this caused a massive hype on social media with new hashtags being created along with a load of relatable content. As an example, your business could fit into this media trend and post your views on the subject at hand or how the elections could affect your business... this will get your followers engaging with your posts/content more if it relates to them too.


As long as you make sure you have done your research into a few of the above-listed subject matters, you will have the beginning of an almost foolproof plan on helping your business gain higher ranks in the social media rankings!

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