But where do I start? You may be asking, well I have put together a brief guide to help you choose the right social platforms to best suit your style of business!

What Channels are Your Audience Using?

One of the very first things you should be considering when picking out which social media platforms you will be using, is your target audience. What platforms are they mainly using? You want to make sure you focus your attention on the platforms which your audience uses on a regular basis. This will ensure that your brand gains the highest possible engagement out of your social media campaign.

What are Your Competitors Using?

Research into your competitors, how are they spending time on social media. Unsure of what content to post or struggling to gain exposure? One simple fix to your issues is to search how your competitors advertise their business online.

Wanting to Share Video Content?

If the content you want to focus on creating is mostly video then posting solely on popular social sites such as Instagram and Twitter, won't cut it. As these platforms only allow for short video clips. You need to think about submitting your business's content onto more video friendly networks such as Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. YouTube being the second popular search engine within the world makes it a prime spot for most businesses to post their video content onto.

Wanting to share Mainly Imagery?

Some of the best social platforms for the posting of imagery based content are; Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. These kinds of platforms thrive on imagery content as it's what they were designed for. Most image sharing platforms are excellent at targeting to younger audiences so this can be taken into account when deciding on which social media platforms to use.


Posting to social media isn't just about randomly posting to a wide range of different platforms, no, to get the best engagement and results, careful planning has to be made to make sure that you are using the networking sites that best suit your type of business! Don’t be afraid to trial other social platforms as trial and error is a good way of learning from your mistakes and will improve your knowledge for future campaigns.

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