But what do you take photos of? What will get your audience interested in what you have to offer? Whether you are taking a simple head shot of a colleague or photo of your business's product, below I have compiled together a short but sweet list of tips to help your business gain the most out of your photography!

The first tip I would recommend you to follow is that timing is everything! When taking shots of products and your employees, keep in mind the slowly deteriorating sunlight. Yes, not everything can be taken outside conveniently, but for the products and employees that you can, make the most of the natural light around you!

Natural light is far better than man-made light due to its more natural look and softer features.

If you don’t have access to somewhere outside or the product at hand cannot be taken outside easily, then there is another option. Try to get as much natural light on show as possible. For example, open up as many windows as you can to fill the room with natural light.

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Be strategic! When taking photos remember to keep in mind a plan of what kind of shots you want to obtain from your subject. How would you like your target to be preserved in the eyes of your audience? When taking photos of your employees and you're going for a headshot, remember to get up close but leave enough room for the image to be cropped in more if needed later on.

Tip: Try to avoid getting your subject to face the camera squarely. More natural shots usually end up becoming the better images. If you are taking images of your employees, try to get them to relax and get them talking about their favourite things to get more natural shots from them.

Preparation... Fail to plan, plan to fail. When it comes to taking your own photos, preparation is defiantly key! This is why it is important to try and set aside some time beforehand in order to go over and prepare what you would like to achieve from your quest into photography.

Lastly, just snap hundreds of photos. Don’t be afraid to go crazy and take way more images than what you need! The more photos you take, the more likely it is for you to obtain that perfect shot. Within photography, not every shot taken is an award winning shot, it takes time and patience.

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