The best blogs are written to engage the reader and offer some form of valuable information.

Catching your target audience's attention with your piece of writing can be a little tricky if not done correctly, so to help you out further, I have come up with a list of (hopefully helpful) tips and tricks for helping you to achieve higher engagement!

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What's the first thing your audience is going to read... your title! Making sure your title is original and exciting will immediately catch their attention and reel them in for a closer look.


Catch the attention of your audience with something eye-catching like a few images here and there. Selecting one or two images to incorporate within your blog will help make your masterpiece stand out amongst other content out there! Choose images that work well and compliment the words you have written.


Focus on your audiences wants and needs! Perhaps your answering commonly asked questions or informing your audience about a new product/service. Whatever your subject matter, make sure it revolves around your readers. Typing as if you're talking to them will help make your audience feel more involved with your words and entice them to read on.

Inform Your Reader

Be informative and sprinkle a few facts in there here and now to entice your reader into reading further. If your posts are useful and teach your reader something new, they are more likely to share it amongst their friends and followers thus helping you spread your content, for free, across a wider audience.


Remember to be as original as possible with your written and visual content. Make it your own and original! Imagery and catchy titles will help grab your viewers' attention and remember to share your content as much as possible for a larger effect.

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August 25, 2017


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