5. Shockwave – Shockwave is a simple to use effect that a lot of film editors, including myself use in scenes such as teleportation. It is a HD particle effect that allows for truly explosive teleportation or supernova scenes. It is a pre-matted package that makes it far simpler to change the colour of the effect. At the price of $199 its quite a costly package for something that small, however it is a very effective effect for filmmakers.

4. Heat Distortion – The heat distortion package is a package that to put it simply simulates realistic heat waves and distortion, this is perfect for simple effects such as jet engines setting off and shock horror, the sun. It comes available with realistic heat noise, image distortion, heat haze, advanced noise control and wind. And at the small price of $24 you can’t complain.

3. Sound & Music Pack – The Sound & Music pack speaks for itself (literally!) with over 35 professional 3D models, multiple 3D formats, textured and ready to use, 2K Texture Resolution & Easily Customisable Texture Maps, as you can tell I really enjoy the music pack. And at $99 you really can’t complain, unless you’re a cheap skate!

2. Jetstrike – The Jetstrike pack is one of the most action-packed packages I have ever seen, the pack itself includes Military & Commercial Jets, Dual 4K textures, 200+ Aircraft Sound FX, 12 Aerial Explosions, 25 Sky Maps and many many more things on top. Put it this way, when you pay the $199 you won’t be complaining at all.

1. Metropolitan – The Metropolitan pack to put it simply allows you to create huge skyscrapers and cities in after effects, enabling you to create stunning city visuals and explosive action scenes in the epicentre of a huge city, oh and to add to that there is over 100 HD 3D models and day and night textures so the next time you want to create your own superb city fly through at either day or night time, I recommend purchasing the Metropolitan package, only $124.

So, the next time you are using Adobe After Effects (provided you haven’t already) make sure to check out these different after effect packages.

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August 26, 2017


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