Layer Styles, if you're editing your photos on a free software you probably have never heard of this. You must add all your shadows, glows and text outline manually, but if you install Photoshop then this wouldn’t exist, it is all automatic. The Layer Styles panel will let you add borders, glows, shadows and bevels all within a few clicks of the mouse, a lot easier than doing everything manually.

The second most important feature when it comes to Photoshop must be the brushes. Brushes come with many different tips, it’s like a paint brush, there are many ways to apply it to the canvas. Different brushes are available for download all over the internet to add a unique touch to your work.

In other image editing software, for example, Microsoft Paint text will instantly turn into an image. You can only add effects to the text manually by drawing them on. This means a small mistake can make you restart your whole piece of work. Whilst Paint creates an image, Photoshop creates a text layer, which means the text can be edited an unlimited amount of times. Even when you save the file as a PSD the text is still editable. Layer Styles then can be applied or removed from your text, however, many times you like.

Shapes are another huge feature in Photoshop, there are two options when it comes to shapes, the shape selection tool or the shape drawing tool. The selection tool allows you to work with a certain shape, image or piece of text alone. Selections are also used to move parts of your image and cut them out. When using the shape drawing tool you aren’t working with a piece you are creating it, there are many different shapes to make. You can also download shapes in from the internet and install them into photoshop to make it easier.

Last but certainly not least is the ‘Pen Tool’. The pen tool is a tool that draws ‘paths’ to do this you press the mouse where you want the pen tool to lead, which then creates an ‘anchor point’. Using the pen tool will allow you to create shapes, select layers and much more features. Paths the can be exported to Illustrator then be used to illustrate.

These are 5 of the basic but most useful Photoshop tools to use and learn! After reading this article will you be learning Photoshop? Be sure to let us know!

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