So what should you do if you end up receiving a negative review?

First things first are that you should take a step back and review what has happened. Carefully read through the review and look through it with your team. Try to understand what was the core problem that your guest/customer had? Is this the first time that your business has seen this kind of review or is the issue the customer has described, a common problem? Having an understanding of the background of the situation is key when trying to uncover a solution to the matter at hand!

Once you have gotten some feedback from the rest of your team and from your findings, get set on developing a strategy with your staff to make sure that this kind of incident does not happen again in the future. If the issue raised cannot be fixed, consider how to better-set expectations for customers in the future. Perhaps think about adding an update on the situation to your website or social media accounts to make customers aware before they find out for themselves. This will help to prevent more bad reviews around the same issue!

Lastly, make sure that you write a management response as soon as possible regarding the bad review. This will inform the customer that wrote the bad review, that you are trying to manage the situation and you appreciate their concerns. Be sure that you share information on regarding your action plan within your response to keep the customer informed and aware that you are trying to get to the bottom of the issue. Making the customer feel respected and noticed is the right way to go about a bad review.

Within your response, the most important things to do would be to answer the customer's questions where appropriate and don’t forget that a sincere apology can go a long way!

On the other hand, if the review seems a little random or suspicious, there are a few exceptions in which TripAdvisor will remove the bad review. The first being if the review seems suspicious, if it's posted around the wrong place of business or if it violates TripAdvisor guidelines.

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