Social media marketing is the most cost efficient part of any advertising strategy. Making a profile and signing up is free for almost every social network platforms, although it is mostly free you can invest in paid promotions to get more reach onto your post, but these are still cheap. Being cost effective is one of the biggest advantages due to you seeing a greater return on your investments so you can retain a larger budget for other marketing or business expenses. If you eventually decide to pay for advertising on social media, always start on a smaller scale to see what you should expect.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction both play the biggest parts in making your business more authoritative, but at the end of the day it all comes down to how you communicate. When a consumer sees, your company posting on your social media, especially when you are replying to customers and posting fresh and original content, you appear a lot more credible. Interacting customers regularly shows that your business cares about your customer's experience and satisfaction and shows you are available to any questions that they have. If you leave a customer satisfied they are more likely to spread the word about your products or good customers service, they may even do this on social media which will gain you more interaction.

When creating a business, the main goal is to create a solid customer base. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction basically go hand in hand, it is very important to regularly engage with customers and try your hardest to create a bond with them. Social Media isn’t just limited to introducing your brand's new products and campaigns, it should mainly be used for interacting with new consumers and your existing customers base. People born between the early 1980s and the early 2000’s are the largest generation in history and will soon completely consume the market.

Most people who use social media will have probably stalked someone and researched them, it sounds weird because it is, but we have all been there. Watching your competitors’ social media not only keeps you up to speed on what they are doing but it could also provide extra information into how your industry is advancing. With the knowledge of your competitor’s business’ social media tactics, you can use these to improve your social media game and get better than your opponents.

When a consumer decides if they want to buy the product, the be all and end all will be your reviews. Having a social media account for your business allows previous and current customers to leave reviews, ten times easier than spreading them via word of mouth. Having reviews on your social medias could be a deal breaker between them deciding to buy the service/product or going to your competitor and losing out on a sale. Once customers have purchased an item online, using their email contact them asking for a review.

Social media is a key part of many modern businesses and is a proven marketing tool to improve your company and gain credibility from other business and consumers. After reading this article will you be creating social media for your company? If you already have a social media account will you be improving upon it after reading this? If so I would love to read your comments down below!

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