This may seem an easy and obvious feature, but not many companies take advantage of it. Pinning a post to the top of your page is a simple feature but can be extremely effective and useful if you use it correctly. All you will need to do is, find the post that you would like to pin, press the down arrow in the top right corner of the post and simply click ‘pin to top’. It is useful so that you can make all of your followers and customers aware of any offers, upcoming events or even to promote your campaign.

This next tip is more for smaller businesses and brands who have just started out on social media looking to get the most engagement and leads out of every single post they can. You can invite people to like your page who have engaged with your posts and content. To use this feature all you need to do is press on the hyperlink of everyone who liked the posts, on the right-hand side of the list, it will show which people either like your page or haven’t liked it yet, if the recipient doesn’t like your page, you can quickly send them an invite to like your page directly.

Liking a page as a brand on Facebook is a feature that is hardly noticed and is very underrated. This is a great way to show support and love to similar and other brands, to make it as effective as possible, try liking other companies within your local area and in the same industry! This little-hidden gem allows marketers to show the utmost support to other business as a business and not just a person! To like another brand using your brand page is easy, search for the page which you want to like, go on their timeline and click the small gear icon and then ‘Like as your page’. Easy, peasy, cake.

This little feature is buried within your page options but will work wonders when you find it! For small business and brands, trying to rack in likes on your Facebook page can be quite difficult, however inviting your email contacts to like your page for your starting growth can be quite effective. Clicking the three ‘…’, then select ‘suggest page’ once you have selected select page a pop-up menu giving you all the various email providers that you can use to import your contacts. Although there are limitations, you can only upload to 5000 contacts daily, so that’s something to keep in the back of your head if you’re trying to bring in a huge customer base.

Most social media marketers know the standard performance date under the ‘insights tab’. It is a VERY powerful tool for measuring your performance on all your previous posts, measuring reactions, link clicks, shares, likes on other people’s shares, people who unlike your page and a whole load more. One of the most useful marketing tools on Facebook. Some marketers might be unfamiliar with another great tool called ‘post search’, under the ‘publishing tools’ tab. This feature is brilliant because it easily allows you to search for posts using certain words based on topics and see what wording and imagery you have used with them posts. The more content you post the more this tool will become useful to you and your business’ social media.

Social media can be hard for beginners, so we try to help you every step of the way with these free blogs! If they help you out please show some support by liking and sharing our blogs with people who also need help just like you. We understand social media marketing can be a scary world and a big leap from traditional marketing but we are always here to help. Thank you for reading.

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