The first step is a simple step but is greatly effective if done correctly. Changing your Twitter @ or handle to something relevant i.e. your brand or your company, will make a huge difference. Your handle will then become part of your custom Twitter URL. Keeping it short will benefit your account so it will be a shorter link to the tweet and will help usability across other social media and channels.

Having a bio on Twitter doesn’t seem like a hugely important thing to add to your account, but if you want to increase SEO then it is almost prominent that you should add one. Within a bio, you have 160 characters to add the utmost important mission phrases, information or description about your business. Your bio is consistently indexed, so the contents of the bio are what provide your Twitter page with relevance and so the customers and target audience can identify who you are and what you do.

With one tweet having a maximum of 140 characters, sometimes it can be hard to get all you want out in one Tweet. So, therefore you should select each and every character of the Tweet individually. On average 42 characters are factored into each tweets title tag, this is what appears on the search for Google. As well as the initial characters of each tweet, keep in mind all its characters are constantly indexed by many major search engines.

Whenever it comes to improving your SEO, one word that always manages to crop up is ‘keywords’. This is no different for Twitter. Take advantage of any words that you think will be searched more than any others. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should fill your tweets with words that you think will be popular as this will probably not go down to well with the search engine. Think carefully about which word choices will best show the message you are trying to get across, this will allow you leverage for the real time and long-term index relevance across all the search engines that always index tweets.

If you decide you are going to add links to your tweets, use ‘bit.ly’, ‘bit.ly’ is a piece of software that will shorten your link, this is perfect if you’re running low on characters and need more characters, as it will shorten the link, therefore, giving you more characters. The link will go to the normal link that you used, it is just an alternative to adding a huge link in which will take all your characters. ‘bit.ly’ also tracks how many clicks your link received, this is great so you can track how many people your ads are reaching compared to a number of people who clicked on the website.

Social media isn’t looking likely to stop growing, so why don’t you take advantage of it and add your company to social media and start expanding your website. Ranking higher in the search engine is what every business older wants so joining social media can be a free way to do so. Remember it takes time and certainly will not come over night. If you found this blog helpful drop a like and leave a comment on what helped you the most!

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