Currently, Adobe has its very own ‘Sepia’ effect in Photoshop, you can access that via Image > Adjustments > Photo Filters, and then choosing "Sepia" from the dropdown menu. This will give you a tired looking, very basic ‘Sepia’ effect. If you're looking for something more dramatised and strong, I recommend the free Dramatic Sepia action from Efeito Photoshop.

Sepia is a very strong looking filter and is quite like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Well if you hate it here’s another option where you can create another nostalgic feel to your photo. The plugin ‘Old Photo’ (I know, ironic right) will take you right back in time, visually speaking, obviously. It is another nice-looking filter which is easily downloadable.

Ever had the trouble of looking through Google Images to find the right icon? Me too, and yes, I agree it is a very stressful procedure, especially when you need multiple at once. Well with Flaticon you can find thousands of free icons and add them to your document stress-free, all icons are available in, PSD, PNG and SVG.

We all feel the pain we are trying to rename layers. With ‘Renamy 4.0’ you can Rename multiple layers and even selected multiple layers within one click of the mouse. This plugin is mainly aimed at graphic designers and is more for saving time and making your folders and layers more organised. Although this doesn’t help visually it will help you in the long term.
If you have a photo that needs colour treatment then this next plugin will be crucial for you to download. Magic Bullet Looks is a costly, but useful and in my opinion worth every penny. If you value a photo with good emotion and immense lighting then Magic Bullet Looks is definitely one for you. This plugin takes the light from the camera and provides you with hundreds of pre-sets that are ready for you to use.

After reading this article, will you be downloading any of these plugins? If so make sure to comment on which plugin you will be downloading and why! If you enjoyed this article a like would be very appreciated. Please be sure to leave some feedback on how you thought the blog went!

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