When it comes to being a graphic designer, a key element to your work to help you improve is feedback, without feedback you would be creating the same old graphic repeatedly, because no one has told you it doesn’t look good nor bad. If you are freelance and have no other creative friends, finding feedback can be proven quite the challenge. With Awwwards, it allows users to vote on a design, judging the design on, design, usability, creativity and content. It then crowns the best designs of the day, month and year. As well as providing feedback you can then find inspiration on other designs, it’s a win, win!

A good typeface is the most important aspect of design and they can be found literally almost everywhere. There are amateur typefaces you can design off the web, however resources that give you accessibility and information are running low, that’s where FontShop can help you out. The site has a content tester, this allows you to see what your work is going to look like once completed, suggests your fonts, FontShop really does satisfy your font needs and covers all areas. As well as selling fonts, it also gives you the option to download and install free fonts too.

The next site you may have heard of, but it offers so much more than people might realise. Dribble is a site that lets you upload your work for others to see. Simple, right? Well… beneath the surface, there is their colour selector. If there is a design on the site that you really like but want to explore more projects with a similar colour base, this tool is the best to do so. It allows you to create colour pallets which you can then transfer into your design. There is also free stuff for you designers to get your hands on, as well as paid items to support other designers and the site!

All designers at some point get stuck and need help, no matter how good you are it happens and sometimes it can be the simplest thing. Tutorials can save you from flopping your design completely, some tutorials aren’t detailed enough as you need and you still get stuck. Lynda is one of the best tutorials site available on the web, Lynda can teach you anything you need to know about any type of design including, InDesign, Flash, Coding and even layout design. Lynda could be the best girlfriend you ever had. Although it requires you to pay, it is definitely worth every penny.

When designing for business, it is important you get your message straight across as soon as the consumer looks at the graphic. The main way to do this is to include icons in your work. The Noun Project is a primary, key resource for iconography. The creators position themselves as global translators, due to the fact they help people from all over the world communicate with one another via Icons. Their website is extremely helpful for designers looking for icon inspiration or high-quality stock icons to download. If you yourself are an icon designer, you can also upload your own icons for sale.

Resources are the most important thing for a graphic designer to download or use, without resources designers would be cornered with the same basic Photoshop effects, which would make your designs boring and dull. Recourses, no matter whether they are online or downloaded, are something that every designer will and should use soon and I hope I have inspired you to download one of many of my recommendations. If you will be downloading or using one of my recommendations please leave a comment of which one and why. Thank you for reading.

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