Many businesses are finding out the benefits of video advertising and jumping aboard the bandwagon.

There are many popular video platforms out there such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion that people use on a daily basis to watch a wide range of videos. And of all the platforms, YouTube is the most popular with over a billion users each month! Getting your business onto this platform is a fantastic opportunity to helping you gain those extra customers to your website.

One of the first benefits to advertising your business through YouTube would be that you get to engage your clients in the work your company does. You can give your audience an inside view of what goes on on a day to day basis within your company. This will get your customers to appreciate what work goes into creating your product/service. Via the use of videos, you can show your customers your service/product before they commit to buying from you. This is especially useful for companies that have a limited face to face interaction with their audience.

As an example, a café could share videos of what goes into making each of their pastries or coffees - this will allow them to show their customers what they are spending their money on and the passion that goes into making each item.

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To help your business to reach a wider audience, make sure that within the description of the video you include a lot of relevant tags. Adding tags to your videos increases the chance of your content being seen amongst the search results of the keywords which other users will search. For example, if your company sells different types of plants, then you will want to make sure you use tags such as; #naturalflowers, #gardeners, #getgrowing, #plantlife etc.

Another thing to consider would be the fact that you could potentially advertise events through YouTube to your followers and the rest of the online community. Sharing content from your previous events will give users an insight and may lead onto them attending your company's next upcoming event and will help increase your turnout!

Some businesses who are on YouTube, try to help out their customers by creating how-to/help guide videos to help them with any issues they may have involving the company's service/product.

In conclusion, YouTube is a great tool to share your businesses true colours and will help improve your image. With millions of users active each day, what better way to reach out to a wider audience than this versatile video sharing platform.

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