Tumblr is a great site to use for Search Engine Optimisation as it allows you to be indexed by Google and have a strong online presence! This is perfect for small businesses who are looking to get more engagement and recommendation for their brand. The site also highly promotes sharing of content with its 'reblogging' option which allows others to share posts that they like to their followers.

To help your business get the most out of your Tumblr account, whether you are new to the social site or simply want to learn more about it, I have put together a few tips that I feel are important to keep in mind.

Use Different Medias 

Tumblr allows its users to post a range of media types from imagery to videos, but why not take it a step further and add sharing buttons for Facebook and/or Twitter. This will allow other users to repost more freely across many platforms.

Track Your Progress 

Make sure that you track your business's progress with programs such as Google Analytics so that if something isn't working the way you wanted it to, you can get a warning regarding this and change it before the issue begins affecting your engagement. You can easily connect your recent post to Google Analytics to help you track your progress and statistics.

Use Tags  

Unlike some social media sites, Tumblr is dependent on its tagging system and even has a text box for it when you type out a new post. It claims that its tagging system is like no other where you can simply type in a company or subject and relevant posts with relevant hashtags will appear within the search results.

Include Links  

Tumblr, like most social media sites, allows you to embed links within your posts. This along with relevant keywords and phrases will help to vastly increase your traffic flow through to your website.

Engage With Your Audience

One simple way to gain followers and engagement is to engage with your audience. When they write a comment on your post, comment back! The more discussions you have between your audience, the better it will be for your business. Tumblr is a social networking site where organisations can interact with ease!


The more you engage with your audience the better it will be for your business. Make sure that you include relevant tags within your content as well to make sure that it has the best possible chance of being noticed! It takes time to build a good relationship with your followers and grow your business's SEO, but keeping in mind the above tips and having a well thought through marketing plan, you will be there in no time!


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