Keywords are relevant search terms that the customer is seeking for in their search, search terms that apply for your services, these could possibly be products, product key features, product reviews etc. Keywords are important steps along the pathway to achieving your goals, these goals should be to either improve your website traffic, increasing your sales or increase your brand's online visibility. Ideally, you should be able to set a target of achieving two goals & these can be easily analysed whether its social media engagement & content production or keyword optimisation which generates the website traffic.

Moz is an excellent tool where you can analyse the rankings of your keywords weekly and monthly which shows you if you are using that keyword enough in your content for example if you have an increase of 10 for one keyword it must mean that keyword is getting traffic, either it’s what people are searching or your content which the keywords are mentioned is increasing in quantity & quality, which will drive the website traffic goal. If there is a decreased in keywords by 5 rankings for example, then that means you need to create more content with the keyword mentions & website links to rise back up in the rankings as well.

Moz also allows you to analyse & compare competitors to see where their keywords are ranking which will also include your keywords too which gives you the perfect platform to focus on the Improvements that need to be made & sustainability. MeetEdgar is the perfect tool to create and upload bulk content that will create links to key website pages and will feature them crucial keyword search terms. Facebook & Twitter are the supported platforms from this social media posting tool which will drive traffic and brand visibility from users of both Facebook & Twitter.

Now keywords are great steps in increasing customer traffic, however, there needs to be more research about your customers such as age ranges, income, interests these all effect what platforms they use during their online shopping or browsing etc. Don’t target your older aged audience on Instagram to promote your business instead use email marketing where it is more formal and straight to the point which your older aged audience are more likely to be using. If you want to target the younger generations of your audience then Twitter & Instagram are the perfect platforms for this, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for business to business sales.

Now, this is where your social media strategy requires creativity to pinpoint customers within all your social media platforms. Add value to the user's eyes with video, animations, creative images & inspirational quotes remember it's not just about using informative benefits or descriptions of your products and services your business provides.

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