The first way you can utilise your social channels is to embrace the visuals. We all know that tweets with images will gain far more engagement than one without an image. This is also the case with both Facebook and LinkedIn. Even three of the newest social networks, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram are based entirely on visuals. So why would you not leverage the visual when promoting your content? Don’t only create a “featured image” to share with your post but also create separate images for each of the main points in your content, this is so they can be shared when you repeatedly post them to social media.

Another tip when using your social channels is that your headlines matter, you could write the greatest piece of content that Facebook has ever seen, but if the headline doesn’t grab the attention of your audience then no one is going to view your content.

The first option would be to create a better title that helps your posts be more promotable in social media or alternatively you could create a brand new title specifically for sharing your content in social media. Don’t just settle for one title. You should be posting your content multiple times, so you should obviously create multiple titles, and even doing A/B testing to see which headline is the most effective to promote your content on which social networks. You may also want to use a tool to help you research effective titles for the same type of content per social network.

The next tip for utilising your social channels is to customise your content for each platform. When sharing content, utilise the customisable posting features on each social media platform, this includes the headline, image and a description of the content you are sharing, so the more optimised your post is for a particular platform, the more effective your social media promotion will be.

For example, if you shared a link via Facebook, you have the opportunity to create a post that will truly stand out amongst the rest; all you need is an attention grabbing headline, a clean, relevant image and a short, compelling description. With this formula, you can entice readers to click on your content. In the same manner, adding hashtags to your content this will make your content more discoverable for those social networks that support them.

Another tip for utilising your social channels is to make sure you share at the correct time. Timing is key, though this tip may seem like common sense, many content marketers overlook this simple concept. For maximum engagement, the content you’re sharing needs to reach as many as possible, so you have to go where the crowd is and when they are online and active. You can then compile a posting schedule to ensure you post during a certain time of the day.

Keep in mind that different social media platforms may not have the same peak times. While there are many graphs telling you the best times to post on social media, some of it simply comes down to understanding how users engage on each social network and experimenting. Some social media platforms haver features designed to aid you in this process.

The final tip I will talk to you about on this subject is to ask questions. Don’t just drop links. Drive social media users to actually communicate with you and increase the chances they engage with your content by asking questions and feedback. This is because social media was made for people and not for businesses, you should always be striving to create a human connection with social media users.

The beauty of social media marketing is that it can be used to improve both your public relations as well as content marketing simply by asking for a response. To generate feedback and promote engagement on social media, include a question in your content that compels the reader to respond. Better yet, create questions for some of your headlines and test the waters. Questions are a great attention grabber, and help create a community of connection that will result in more effective social media promotion.

So they were some tips on how to effectively utilise your social channels in order to promote your business, I hope you found this useful and I hope you use these tips the next time you post

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