Tumblr was first launched in the year 2007 by a man named David Karp who was a web designer at the time. He first started developing the platform in 2006 while he was on a two-week gap between jobs. David had taken quite an interest in the new 'tumbleblogs' that were floating around the internet. He had actually been expecting one of the already existing platforms to release their own tumbleblogging site. David waited for around about a year for a new design to pop up but then decided that he would give up and make his own tumbleblogging site. Marco Arment worked alongside David to help him achieve his project of creating a tumbleblogging platform.

The tumbleblogging site wasn’t officially launched until February 2007. Within two weeks of the launch, the service met 75,000 users!

Arment left Tumblr by September 2010 to concentrate his time on Instapaper, and in the meantime, Tumblr continued to grow.

Adidas was Tumblr's first official big advertising campaign. They launched an official Tumblr blog post within two months after Tumblr announced the desire to take paid advertising.

Within the year 2013, Tumblr and Yahoo decided to announce an acquisition for a $1.1 billion purchase price for the social media platform. This possible transaction was upsetting other Tumblr users who ended up creating a petition with roughly 170k signatures. The sale ended up going through a few months later with David Karp retaining his status as the social medias CEO.

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There were nearly over 100 billion posts to date in the middle of 2015 online on Tumblr, with an estimated 81 million posts being created each day on the site!

How Tumblr works

The site has a dashboard which is the main tool for Tumblr users. This is a live feed containing the most recent posts and uploads from texts, images, videos and links. The dashboard allows Tumblr's users to upload a large range of content from video – short blogs.

Did you know that if you have accounts on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can connect the content on Tumblr through to your other accounts?

Tumblr users can also control the timing of each post using a queue. Users can delay the timing of posts for as long as they see fit. Users also have the option to tag pictures to help stir their target audience in the right direction towards their own posts and content. To do this, users must first upload an image to Tumblr then add tags (#) underneath said image so that other users can find the content easier when they use Tumblr's search tool.

Tumblr's headquarters is located in New York City as well as a second office being located in Richmond, VA. As of June 2015, Tumblr has employed 283 people and its funding comes from investors as well as advertising. Companies can advertise their business to a larger audience through the use of Tumblr for a fee of course.

Tumblr today is still continuing to grow in popularity with now over 116 billion blogs posted as of July 2015.

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