1.Further Integration with Microsoft Apps - This is pretty much a given, but you can expect to see further integration of LinkedIn functions into Microsoft’s APPS IN 2018, particularly their Enterprise offerings.This should make it easier for those businesses using Microsoft’s tools to gain more insights and assistance from LinkedIn, with reminders about career insights, commonalities, topics of interest – all triggers to help improve interactions with prospective customers based on their listed information.Much of this type of insight is already available, but as LinkedIn and Microsoft merge further you will likely see Microsoft’s products move ahead and gain distinct advantages over others in the sector in this regard.

2.Video Focus? – LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently made an interesting comment about the future of video on LinkedIn, noting that they may be looking to fund their own, exclusive content, taking a similar approach to Facebook and Twitter.That makes some sense – LinkedIn could create a suite of exclusive, business-focused programming that would appeal to their audience-base, but considering LinkedIn only recently added native video, it seems like a bit of a jump.Then again, they have already added event filters for video content, and given video is rising in popularity on other platforms, such a shift would make sense. Expect LinkedIn to put a specific focus on video over the next 12 months to test the waters – and maybe to even start their own, exclusive video programming to give users more reason to stay in the app.

3.Improved Algorithm – While it’s not discussed as much as the algorithms on other platforms, your LinkedIn feed is very much driven by an internal sorting process which decided what you see.Algorithms work because they show you more content of relevance to you, based on your personal habits, so it makes sense that LinkedIn’s also looking to drive engagement via machine learning. The problem is, LinkedIn’s algorithm is probably not at optimal level as yet – it regularly shows me posts from weeks ago, often for events that are long past. Expect LinkedIn to continue to improve their feed to help boost engagement, which could have significant impacts on time spent, and may help them better promote more current, relevant content on the platform.

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