Now, why is a massive benefit to your business may you ask? Well to put it simply Twitter will transform your brand visibility & improve your customer traffic to your website & other social media platforms. The facts are too strong to ignore with over 200 million users on Twitter the target market is clearly there & so you should be ready to take advantage of this medium and believe me Twitter can pinpoint consumers who have a diversity of passions.

From a target audience standpoint, Twitter is a fantastic social media platform as you can promote your products & services to thousands of customers & connect with them, which leads to feedback potential ideas of discounts or product ideas etc. Let's be honest this will lead to much more concrete feedback than you would receive on your website feedback box or them annoying rate my service pop-ups. This social media platform will provide your brand with a development strategy to constantly evaluate & push on with new ideas or improvements. This is all because you can monitor what customers are saying about you. If they are complaining about your services or they are praising about your services & products then target to keep them on board. Generating customer leads on Twitter is a crucial tool that can be achieved through regular content tweeted out to the world with special offers, not just products & services. Therefore, a call to action scenario whereby the consumer will either contact your business for more information on the offers & this means that you know the consumer is eager to purchase your product so all responses provided will lead to increased conversions, confirming that little bit of windfall.

In addition to the target audience, Twitter is brilliant for collecting together the current world trends which mean your business can use it to learn more about the customer's current conversations, which means you can dive deeper & learn more about the customer's lifestyle & views of your brand or other competitors. This makes it the perfect researching tool that your business should utilise for short term & long term goals of sustaining a successful business to customer relationship.
Now how does this social media platform build your brand? Simple always ensure you use images & links with your tweets as its more likely to increase sharing, engagement & click-throughs. Don't be hesitating to share the personality of your brand, apply humour & quirky language in tweet updates, as consumers will then notice it's not just generic promotion updates, this can lead to an increase in brand loyalty between the consumer. Analyse it this way from the perspective of the customer there not scrolling on their feed to read a book or a bible, they just want a quick update, quick link & quick advice. With Twitters 140 character limit this is a good feature to operate on.

Now if all the latter is successfully applied you can gain a reputation of great services & customer advice, therefore, creating a loyalty that even in time of business struggles, most of your customers will stick by you since they believe in your business. Your customers tend to help you market your business without you even knowing through retweets & tweet recommendations. Furthermore, as we all know hashtags are the key functions of Twitter, this technique is building a bridge linking to the searches of your hashtag which is simply known as discovered searches. Through the power of popularity, your hashtag can be viewed by millions around the globe which basically pins your update into a subject area which could turn into a trend. Tweets when your followers are more apt to be listening (like on the weekends!). However please keep in my mind that when you tweet it must be a call-to-action whether it's a phone number to call, an email to email or a website link to click & visit, combine this with hashtags & you have a concrete tweet. Oh, yeah one last bit please use your brands own account & not a person's account as brands have a greater following than people on average & have more potential long term visibility.

So, overall utilizing Twitter alongside your other social media channels will enhance your brand visibility & increase business with improved customer relationships through tweet engagement, discovery search & research capabilities.


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