Whether your business is just starting out or has been going on for awhile now, I have put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your Instagram.

Customer Involvement – Getting your clients/customers involved with your business is key to a good relationship and happy customers! Why not create a hashtag or two where your target audience can post images of themselves with your product. Via the use of this method, you could also host competitions in which your customer's images are related to a specific topic and you choose the best image as the winner of a prize.

Hashtags – Like Twitter, hashtags are an important aspect of this social media platform. Making sure you use the right tags and amount is key when it comes to getting your posts noticed. You want to make sure that you are aiming for around 11-15 tags within your post to get them viewed by a larger audience.

Tip – Putting your tags into the comment section instead of the actual post makes the post appear less spammy!

Profile – This is a simple one but you'd be surprised how many businesses out there that miss this section. Make sure that you fill out your whole profile! Add a brief description to give your followers a taste of what your business is about.

The Outside World – Even if your business is based in the middle of a busy city, there's got to be somewhere in your city that has interesting and beautiful sites. Show it off! Be proud of the city you work in. Post what goes behind the scenes within your business as well and the people that work there, show off all that your business has to offer to your followers.

Consistency – To keep your followers engaged, make sure you aren't going any longer than a few days without posting! Once you get into a routine it will become easier to add new content frequently.

Build up a Fan base – Not everyone has a fan base on Instagram especially if you're new to the platform. A good way to help you gain high engagement is to search keywords that are related to your business, then comment and like a few posts to get them to notice you.

Make sure that you have a focus and flexible with your Instagram account. If something works, stick with it. If something doesn't work, simply learn from it and move on!

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