If your brand is not on Instagram it really needs to be as you need to maximise the potential for your brand through the billions of mobile users and people will be more willing to connect to a brand on Instagram than any other social media platform. People will be more eager to connect on a more substantial level through Instagram meaning a vast reach of potential customers. In addition, it's not just about being on Instagram, creativity is key and the more professional & vibrant your brand's Instagram page is the more likely you will draw in eager consumers from around the globe. Because of Instagram's explore tool you can browse through content from any location in the world & you can view content posted from any time whether it's from 2 minutes ago, or 2 weeks ago, therefore meaning your brand content will never die. If you are worried that it's not for your industry then worry no more, a variety of different companies utilise this powerful social media platform.

A large volume of engagement you will have on Instagram is through the consumer as they are the ones who browse & share the visual content and like relevant content. This is made possible simply because the content is viewed & shared more universally. The platform also allows users to personalise their own content feed so you can be involved within a consumers favourite industry and may well see your brand pop up.

Take note you need to be consistently creating and posting content on the platform to be more shareable by your consumer market-enhancing the likelihood of engaging your target audience. Ensure you target your consumer demographics from the very start of your marketing plan as you can target friends, family & influencers that you know who has a keen interest in your industry content. Ideally, you would need to target all of them to maximise the full potential of Instagram. it's essential to collaborate with the influencers as a typical influencer can reach upwards of 300,000 people with a single post, this is because of the content they can create, which can showcase a product or a service that will link with your consumer market. In addition, the power of the viral mobile environment can really stamp your brand image and recognition.

Mobile users are moving away from Twitter and Facebook and shifting their time to Instagram. This absolutely proves that Instagram is the best social media platform on mobile for brands to reach audiences that are willing to engage. If you're not marketing on Instagram, you're missing out.

So, what are your thoughts on Instagram? Do you use Instagram for your business? Let us know!

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