Instagram is a social media site that encourages its users to express themselves mostly through the use of images and short videos. This differs Instagram from other social media platforms, giving a unique way for people to express themselves. Its users can instantly share media content with millions of users using a varied amount of tags to get their posts viewed by a larger audience. Whereas with Facebook, you are limited to posting to mainly the contacts in your friend's list.

There are many benefits to advertising via the use of imagery. You could use photo collages as a way of showing your target audience a behind the scenes view of what goes on behind the workings of your business. This will keep your followers interested and give them an opportunity to learn more about your business. You can show off your products/services so that people can view them before they buy. From this, you can also receive peoples opinions on what they have to say regarding the quality of your product.

One of the main things to consider when setting up on Instagram is your profile bio. Making sure your businesses bio is relevant to what you are about. Why not add links to your social media and websites to your profile. People who follow you will be more likely to read more into what your business does and what type of products you sell. This will increase your click-through rate to your website and bring more traffic to your business.

To get your posts seen by a wider audience, obtaining followers is key! Here are a few tips for reaching those higher numbers of followers. Make sure you engage with your existing followers by responding to their comments, liking some of their posts and possibly returning the follow of a few of your followers.

Using relevant tags on your posts will increase the chances dramatically of your content getting noticed. Make sure you research your target audience and try to use tags related to what they may search. Including more tags in your posts will get your content reaching a larger audience.

Lastly, why not link your businesses Facebook account to your profile. Cross post your photos and videos with both your accounts to gain more publicity! This will also help people who don’t know you're also on Instagram, to find you easily. Instagram allows you to add filters and edit your videos and photos before sending them out. Take advantage of these settings to improve the quality of your content!

To get your followers more involved and to keep them interested in your business, why not hold a photo contest with a specific hashtag. For instance, if your business is in gardening, for example, you could hold a competition for your followers to take photos of their favourite plants and the winner of the contest could receive a discount off their next purchase. Holding contests will help your businesses publicity grow!

Why not reward your followers by posting information about upcoming sales and/or events and even upcoming new products!

Make your profile more personal with a few photos of employees and images from events. This is bound to intrigue your followers and make them feel welcomed and shows that your business cares about its staff.

An essential thing to do would be planning. Make sure you plan exactly what you are going to be posting! Planning the content of each post will make sure you are keeping up with latest trends. You can use sites such as Later and HootSuite, to help you schedule out each post so you don’t have to post them out individually.

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