Due to the ever-changing world of digital devices, the vast majority of the worldwide population scrolls on social media and browses their favourite products online and they also have an unlimited entertainment medium. Applying video to your business social media profiles will raise the awareness of your awesome products & services!

You can target your customers on Facebook with Facebook Ads and you can break this down to customer segmentation.  Twitter will allow you to create a specific hashtag for your brand of product. Video has more reach and brings more engagement to the customers than either a still image or a piece of text.

The type of video content is endless! If you create a video that is a testimonial for a service or a product, then distribute it to the world on your multiple social media platforms, this will create confidence for the customer watching the video which will increase their chance to go to your website. This will then lead to the service or product being viewed and then the customer will be directed to the cart to purchase.

A video will increase the social media engagement on your profiles and improve the online visibility of your brand. Just imagine a tutorial video that could help a customer out, imagine an introduction video discussing and showcasing your work team’s skills and passion for the industry etc.

Google loves the video, now imagine the prospects of your search engine optimisation results rising, this can happen through lots and lots of video content that will rocket your brand. Video is priority in the media pyramid, for example, you could create a blog or just have a normal link to a webpage on your website, however, video will come first as google rates it as a more dense type of content which not only has sound and moving image, but keywords used within the video content.

Now by uploading video to social media profiles that link to your website, this will build strong links that will help rise your brand up the rankings.

Remember you can be very creative with videos or very informative, it is totally up to you and what your business values stand for.

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