The first way to use Snapchat for your business is to stage an influencer reveal. An example of this is fast-food giant McDonald’s using professional athlete LeBron James gave users a behind the scenes look at the brand-new bacon clubhouse sandwich. Although McDonald’s didn’t share the results of their promotion, it went well enough to continue. The promotion was pushed to Twitter where users were asked to follow back. To date, McDonald’s has over 3 million followers on Twitter.
The takeaway of this is that you can apply this philosophy with Snapchat too, show your customers what goes on behind the scenes at your company. Even if your marketing budget is only a fraction of what McDonald’s is, buyers still like to feel like they know the story behind your company.

We will now move on to the next way to use Snapchat as a business, that is to support a takeover, what I mean by this is to allow someone with a higher influence than your business on the social media platform. An example of this is when a Snapchat campaign run by women’s clothing retailer Wet Seal was taken over by a user named MsMeghanMakeup who has 300,000 followers, the influence from her was huge with the company being propelled up to 9000 connections in just two weeks, whilst the story itself has over 250,000 views.

What you should be taking away from this is that you can use an influential Snapchat user take over your account. You may not have 300,000 followers, but even local authorities with hundreds, maybe even thousands of fans can improve your Snapchat reach.

The next way you can use Snapchat for your business is to give VIP access. In the past, it took several weeks for photos from New York Fashion Week to trickle down from photographers to magazines, and then from newsstands to consumers, in reality, this wasted time as with Snapchat people can simply see everything you are trying to sell instantly.

The takeaway from this is that you can use Snapchat to give your followers a VIP look at your events and promotions that they’ll likely never have a chance to attend in person. It’s a fun, easy way to bring new life to established events.

The final way I will talk about that you can use Snapchat as a business is to promote events. A good example of this is iHeartRadio using snapchat to document and share its iHeartRadio music festival. For two days, the company gained a huge 340 million impressions they were massively helped by eager concertgoers who shared their experiences. The festival then went viral on Snapchat.

The takeaway you should gain from this is that Snapchat’s ephemeral nature makes it the perfect fit to advertise limited time only events. Make it part of your next event to give fans insight into what goes on.

So, this was part 1 of my 2 part blog on how you can use Snapchat for your business, in tomorrow’s blog I will discuss things such as partnering with influencers and featuring your followers, as well as how you can use these tactics in your own business. If you have any questions on what I have discussed with you today, or you want to know more about it either comment below or message me.

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