Firing off Tweets at your audience is not likely going to end up translating into leads and sales. Most business owners out there aren't sure how to properly use Twitter, but with my simple suggestions, I hope that I can at least get you to understand and learn the basics of what good engagement for Twitter. So let us begin...


When you are browsing through Twitter perhaps when you are on a break or at home, what grabs your attention more? A plain text Tweet or a Tweet with an eye-catching image attached to it? As humans, we are rather visual creatures and tend to remember something better if it is in the form of media such as a video or image, rather than a list of words. Make sure that when you choose images to go along with your Tweets, that they are relevant to the words you have written.


Within the content of your Tweets why not consider adding the occasional actionable word such as 'Download', 'Free Trail' or 'Click Here' to get people's curiosity flowing. These simple words give the viewer an action to complete by clicking a link or downloading something that is of interest to them, hence the name 'actionable' words. In fact, Twitter has previously stated that click-rate can increase up to 13% with the use of actionable words!

Posting times

If you are after more retweets for some of your posts then the later you post the better. Studies have found that if you post more in the evening after work hours, people are more likely to engage with your posts and re-tweet. This would mainly be due to the fact that most people would have finished work, giving them more free time to browse the internet.

Your engagement

If you want your audience to engage with you, then you need to do the same and engage with them! Make sure that you respond to any comments and messages your audiences sends your way to let them know that they matter to your business. Keep your potential customers happy by responding quickly to their questions.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for retweets! It can't hurt to ask. If anything, asking for retweets will definitely increase the number of retweets you obtain.

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