Numbers are a huge part of a marketer’s hunt for the best social media, the more active the social site, the bigger audience you will have to post your social media posts. It is practically impossible for any social media site to compete with Facebook on the number side of things. But this doesn’t mean you should rule Twitter out. Facebook shows around 968 million daily active users, 844 million mobile daily active users, 1.5 billion monthly users and 1.31 billion mobile monthly users. Twitter boast around 316 million monthly users, 500 million tweets posted a day and only 100 million daily active users. If we are going solely based on numbers Facebook wins all the time.

Companies looking to get started with social media marketing, Facebook is generally the first profile you will go to set up seen as it has the largest audience. Despite that notion, it might be that your main target audience for your business is on Twitter, that’s why it is key to know what each site can provide for you and your business. Finding out what audience use either social media is important. 66% of men use Facebook, whilst 77% of women use Facebook, the biggest age category is 18-29-year-old, with 87% of youths having the social media giant. Whilst Twitter has 24% of men, 22% of women and again, the highest age group is 18-29 with 37% of them using Twitter. Facebooks audience is on the decline from the younger generation and is heading to an older demographic.
Engagement is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing between Facebook and Twitter. Over the past few years, a lot of companies have complained in the decrease of organic reach that their Facebook posts were getting. The main complaint is that unless you pay to ‘Boost’ your post, you post won’t do very well and wouldn’t reach the high amount of people that you should strive for. According to research, for one million Twitter followers there were 300 interactions, they were 700 interactions for every 1 million Facebook followers. Coca – Cola has over 90 million likes on Facebook and a little over 3 million followers on Twitter. If you look at the dates on the Facebook page they don’t past regularly, they can go days or even weeks without posting. But on their Twitter account, they tweet almost daily. In this study, replies were both ruled out. Every brand doesn’t need to Tweet more often than they post to Facebook, but larger companies do this so they don’t lose their audience, you are looking to build an audience.

Both Facebook and Twitter make it very easy for you to create and track campaigns, whether you want to run paid ads or just track your non-paid posts, each social media site makes it super simple. Facebook and Twitter ads will give you a whole load of information on your paid campaigns. Twitter is doing some creative stuff to make it a whole load easier to reach your audience and get them engaged in your business. They specialise in the lead generation and will help you gather emails and start generating leads easier than ever. Facebook is a leader in paid ads due to it allowing you to target your ads better than another site. For non-paid ad campaigns, you will probably want a management tool like Sprout Social. It will make it so much mire easier to see what kind of engagement you're pulling on your Facebook and Twitter posts.

At the end of the day, most business uses both social medias combined because they work so well together. Some companies get better engagement on Twitter, some on Facebook, but just because one isn’t doing so well compared to the other, test out both and then decide where to go from here and then decide on one of them or both! Which social medias do you use, or do you use both? Leave a comment below on your opinion on the whole thing.

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