Facebook live is currently organic posting due to the instant content material, the original concept of the live video was to set a higher standard for videos streamed so there is less "noise" & heavy content on the platform. Live broadcasts will always be pinned on the social media platform to watch now otherwise you will not be able to find & view the video again.

You will find that this is a nice feature for your business to utilise and plan to maximise its potential as your content creativity will increase significantly. This will spice up video content to another level on Facebook, especially when you have the flexibility to switch the camera from front to back and vice versa. When you hit live & the notifications go stream rolling through to your followers they will instantly consider the title of the broadcast which obviously needs to be compelling which needs to be like a fishnet that will engage the consumers to watch and interact with the video. Ah yes, the live video gives your followers the chance to comment and ask questions on the side section of the video allowing you to engage with your followers directly which can lead to many different services, products & content ideas for your business. Furthermore, this creates the relationship between customer & business even stronger, especially when acknowledging your followers by mentioning their names & responding to their comments during your broadcast.

You can create content in the live video that is a Q&A session with your followers & consumers which are the biggest technique to improving social media engagement & brand feedback. You can create a Facebook live video where you are showcasing your latest product and let your target consumers view the key features & how it will provide a practical solution for them. You could provide a showcase service where you provide key information on the benefits & once again the solutions to that service will be to your target market. Even just a simple introduction video such as meet the team and understand their roles. Possibly some update videos like if you are on location & working on a project. Keep in my mind you do not need to create an hour-long video just giving your followers little golden nuggets of content daily or weekly can increase the social media engagement, brand popularity & website traffic. The videos can be streamed for as long as you want but its best to keep it to 20 minutes' maximum and a minimum of 5 minutes.

What does all this mean for your business? It means that you can progress through more specific feedback and a diverse range of improvements that is tailored to your target market simply because you have engaged with them and this allows your business to grow and learn. End of the day targeting your audience is one thing but focusing on their opinions, ideas & trends to move your brand forward and not stagnate is gold dust. Remember you MUST end your live video with a call to action for your followers such as visit your website or contact details either email or telephone number.

You can also download your live video and put in on YouTube to increase your SEO through social media signals, therefore, improving website traffic and more conversions to solid sales.

So they were just a few reasons on why you need to start using Facebook live video for your business, in order to maximise social media engagement & strengthen the brand's digital marketing campaigns.

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