Facebook live is a relatively new addition to the platform as it was released officially April 2016. It was released August 2015 to celebrities with verified pages as a trial run.

The new tool is not only great for sharing moments with your friends and family, but it can be put to good use when trying to digitally market your business by helping you to gain a wider reach through the online platform.

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How can Facebook Live help me?

There are many benefits to using Facebook's live video streaming mode. One example would be to discuss topics that your target audience is interested in regarding your line of business. This will help to get your audience engaged and interested. For an example, embedded within your website you may have a few blogs which have gained comments from your followers/clients. They may be asking questions about your blogs subject matters and speaking to your audience regarding these subjects will help them understand easily and save you the time of replying to each of their comments. You can answer many questions at once during a scheduled Facebook Live video and help them in the most efficient way possible.

This also encourages your fans to tune in for the live video session rather than them having to wait for a reply.

Live videos are also an excellent way of giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business and how everything runs. As an example, some of your followers may be interested in the line of work that your business provides. Having a live stream session you could show and educate the people who are looking for information regarding your businesses line of work. You could also focus on an aspect of your business which your followers are interested in learning more about!

Facebook Live is also a great way to advertise any upcoming events your business is hosting or attending. To help gain more of a hype/interest around your announcement, you could think about creating a post to let your fans know you will be making a special announcement.

When talking about your event make sure to post the page address into the comments of the video once you have finished the live video to make sure your followers have got all the details.

You could also stream the event when you are there to keep your followers updated around what's going on and this also gets people who weren't able to go, a chance to be a part of the action.

Another example of how to use Facebook Live would be to perhaps give your audience a sneak peak of any of your upcoming products. If you’ve just received a shipment of a new product or are drawing up ideas for a final product, you could host a live feed to tease your customers that something new is on its way.

If you consider going down this route, then why not also consider putting a link to a pre-order page (if you have one) to get your audience excited.

And lastly, you could use Facebook's live feature to answer any of your customer's questions (host a Q&A). For any business, customer service plays an important role. While it is important to answer your customer's questions, this can take up a lot of time. This is where Facebook Live comes into use! You can identify the most common questions your business gets asked on a regular basis and host a live video where you answer as many of them as you can. You may also want to take this concept further and consider hosting a live Q&A once a week or month to make sure you answer the questions that are on your audience's minds. When you’re finished, you’ll have a video archive that you can share with your customer service team so everyone references the same materials.

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