Facebook has released different tools and programs over the years to help keep its users happy and engaged. The first major add-on Facebook released was adding attachments to 'the wall' which was released in 2007. Facebook now allowed it's users to attach images and videos to posts as recently users could only post text-based posts. In 2010 Facebook released the 'like' button which was eventually followed by other reaction buttons in 2016. The reaction buttons are something that is unique to Facebook, giving it an edge over other social media platforms.

The most recent edition to Facebook is its live video feature. This allows its users to record videos in real time for their followers and friends to watch and react to. The feature came out early in 2016 and gained a lot of attention from its release both good and bad. It allows people to share moments with the people they care about. But not all the usage of Facebook Live has been positive... with a camera in hand people are able to live stream anything and EVERYTHING...

Facebook offers us many benefits over the bad. The social media site is perfect for keeping in touch with family members and friends who you may not be able to see regularly. Within the business world, Facebook offers a wide range of tools and methods that can help boost SEO and your business to reach out to a much larger target audience. But the site has many downfalls that many people are falling into. One example of this would be that it is affecting people's self-esteem (especially the younger generation). Despite the name 'social networking', social media sites like Facebook, much of user activity is found to be mainly self-focused...

With Mark Zuckerberg's purchase of Oculus VR back in 2014, Facebook has been working on creating a VR app that has now been released in its beta form. VR is looking more and more like the future of social media interaction. Whether this is a good thing or not is yet to be decided within the coming years. As for the future of Facebook, I can see its popularity continuing to rise and as technology continues to improve, who knows what the networking site will come up with next!

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