The first advantage of targeted ads is just that, targeting your audience! Facebook really refines the audience you are targeting with your advertising, an example of this would be if you are catering for a broader audience, you can tailor your ads to each segment of this audience based on interests, gender, age etc. whilst if you have a smaller audience, you can really focus your efforts in on that particular segment of Facebook users.

Facebook will also break down your reach for you as you implement your targeting options, this will help you get an understanding what is worth targeting and what isn’t. In addition to this, you can also use your own CRM & page data to create look-alike audiences with the help of Facebook’s own data. This will in turn help target your ads at people who look like your current customers.

The next advantage is also one that will surprise you, if you have a low budget Facebook will be the place to start, why? Because it is surprisingly cheap, you can have your ad up and running for as little as £1 a day, this though of course will depend on the objective of your ad, as well as how saturated your market is.

We now press on to advantage number 3, and that is video, video in this day and age is what mobile was a few years ago, the future of social. If you don’t have video in your social, then you are most certainly missing out. With consumers watching more and more video each day, Facebook offers a cost-effective solution to boosting the visibility of the great video content that you have created. Autoplay will automatically start playing video in a user’s newsfeed, increasing the likelihood of it being watched. Additionally, Facebook’s targeting options allow you to place your video in front of the most relevant audience for your business.

I will now also discuss the potential disadvantages of using it for your business, the first being that it is difficult to get noticed on Facebook, why? It is simple Facebook is severely CLUTTERED! The Facebook newsfeed is cluttered. Catching people’s attention on Facebook is, therefore, becoming increasingly difficult, let’s be honest and realistic what are they going to pay the most attention to? Countless adverts advertising product after product or a close friend's latest update. Not only that but people are also vying for space using paid ads, so you can’t just buy your way to the top either.

Onto the next and final disadvantage that I will talk about, and that is simply that there is a lower CTR and in turn conversion rate than you would think on Facebook, this, therefore, shows that as I stated previously, the ads are becoming too saturated for Facebook and no one is interested in anything that you are targeting them with, this is simply because they have probably seen a similar ad, just 5-10 minutes beforehand.

However, you can make Facebook targeted ads work for you, all it takes is the right combination of targeting, ad creative and copy, you can really make Facebook advertising work well for you if you get all of these areas correct.

So, that was my blog on how to use Facebook targeted ads, I hope you found it useful and will use these ideas in the future.

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