Did you know more than 50 million businesses are now using Facebook? Now is the perfect time to gain publicity and possible new customers through Facebook – the site is forever evolving with millions of accounts being created each month. Exposure – With over 1 billion users, Facebook is the perfect platform for gaining your business/company a tone of exposure. The more exposure your business receives, the more chances you have of potentially obtaining customers!

Cost – Many businesses use Facebook as an easy marketing advantage... why? Simply put, because it's free! Facebook offers the option of creating a page on their networking platform for no cost what so ever. Taking advantage of this asset can be a real game changer in the marketing world, as advertising through social media is one of the cheapest forms of digital marketing.

There is a slight downside, though; having a free page set up on Facebook alone won't get you much publicity. But luckily, there is an option, for a small fee, of having your page and/or posts 'boosted'. This advertises your content to other users feeds and will definitely get your views up!

Targeting your audience – Facebook gives you the option when advertising your posts, to target certain people with similar interests to your business. The advertising may cost a little more, but this is definitely worth that little extra, as this will pull in clientele who are more likely to stick with your company as you grow.

Another method for appealing to a specific target audience, is to use relevant tags to your posts. When users search for a specific subject, your business will be more likely to show up within the search results if the relevant keywords and tags have been used. This increases your chances of gaining a higher click-rate and traffic to your page!

The use of Facebook insights – For every business page on the site, Facebook shows you simple to understand charts and analytics. These charts will help you make the most out of your page, as they will help you spot any declines in views and likes of your content and page.

Facebook Insights shows:
• How many page likes you have – including how many new likes you have per week
• Post reach – per week
• Engagement – per week
• Post-performance – how many likes each post gets
• And more

Build customer relations – On your businesses' page, there is an option to let your customers message you privately about any questions or information they may have. This is perfect for building a good relationship with your target market!

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