That being said, many people fail to take advantage of their LinkedIn profile to generate rewarding leads, and to market their business’ brand. And that’s a real shame, why? Because LinkedIn makes business outreach easy and effective – two adjectives every single business owner likes to hear.
So, if you have yet to tap into the full potential of LinkedIn for business outreach, now is the time to look at a few ways the social networking site can help you build your business and market your brand.

The first way you are able to use LinkedIn to increase your business is through searching for opportunities. The heart of LinkedIn, like any social networking site is, you guessed it, connecting with people. This is the most basic way to reach out to potential new leads. You can begin by joining a few LinkedIn groups, all of which should have some connection with the industry you work in. this will therefore help spread awareness of your brand to a wider audience.
Next, using LinkedIn’s advanced search, you can begin to target a specific market. LinkedIn’s Advanced Search allows you to fine tune your search parameters according to industry, company, educational background, and job title. You can even perform searches that target specific keywords that are relevant to your industry.

The next way you can use LinkedIn to boost your business is the power of a personal message. One of the cardinal mistakes that people make when setting up a LinkedIn account, is to assume that their profile will do ALL of the heavy lifting. Here’s a tip, it won’t. you have GOT to be productive on LinkedIn or you will get absolutely nowhere, and what is the best way to be proactive? A personal message. These messages have to be carefully crafted. They need to be more than just “Hi (insert text asking people to please buy your product) sincerely your name”. quickly review the LinkedIn profile of the person you intend to contact, and look for areas of interest that can be used to personalise your message to these people, nobody wants to feel like they are talking to a robot! Try to find a personal connection between you and your potential lead. You might be members of the same LinkedIn groups, or you may have similar hobbies or mutual LinkedIn connections.

With this information in hand, craft a brief message introducing yourself. Highlighting any areas of mutual interest, and explaining how working with one another could be beneficial for both parties. Finally, ask for the opportunity to speak with the person, whether this is face to face or online. A well-crafted personal message can help you generate the kind of leads that quickly turn into real business opportunities.

We will now press on to the next way you are able to use LinkedIn to boost your business and gain more leads, how? By leveraging the LinkedIn group experience. Creating a LinkedIn group is not only a good way to generate leads for your business, it’s also a great way to make new connections and establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise. Before you tackle starting you group, however, spend some time reviewing some of the most popular LinkedIn groups. This will help guide you in setting up your own group.

Here are a few tips to remember when creating a LinkedIn group:
Use Keywords in your group’s title and description to make it more searchable in both LinkedIn’s internal search function, and also in Google.

Link your company’s blog and website to the group page to help drive traffic to your site.

Include your blog’s RSS feed on the group page, so members can directly receive any new blog posts.

Send regular messages to group members. These should offer valuable information, and not simply be weekly advertisements. Include a link to help drive traffic to your website.

Creating a LinkedIn group will help to generate leads and to drive traffic to your business’ website. However, make sure your conversion funnel is properly optimised so that leads you generate can be effectively converted to sales.

We now move on to the next way you can use LinkedIn to boost your business. That is to host a LinkedIn event. Hosting a LinkedIn event can help you build awareness for your brand, as well as generating actual leads for your business. Creating an event is relatively simple, and LinkedIn offers an easy to use event platform for its members. You will have to answer a few questions about your event, and fill in a few forms, but once that is done you can begin inviting key LinkedIn influencers to attend.

Remember, as LinkedIn is a social networking site, every time one of your guests RVSPs it will show up on their live feed. This will help your brand and business reach a wider audience, leading to more LinkedIn connections and a far greater number of potential leads.

So, that was a few ways you can use LinkedIn to rapidly increase your business. So, what do you think? Is LinkedIn the best social media platform for businesses to boost business or is there a better alternative?

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