What is LinkedIn and why you should use it within business

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service. So basically a networking platform for businesses across the globe, where they can connect with other businesses and gain possible new team members or business partners.
LinkedIn has over 450 million users at present and the number is slowly on the rise since its creation in 2002.

Regardless of the size of your business – whether it be a small local business or a large corporate business, LinkedIn will help you spread your businesses network vastly. LinkedIn is mainly used by businesses and students who want to engage with people who share a similar profession.
What can you show on your LinkedIn profile? You can show and include a variety of things such as:
Showing people who you are such as your background and where you're local too.

Think of this as a kind of the equivalent of your online resume and it’s perfect for showing off your experience! You can show off your current and past projects. Displaying different types of work and projects that you have done or are currently on with, gives people an idea of what it is you do. People are more likely to contact you if you show off your skills.

You can also include links and images within your profile. Why not add a few links to your businesses website and/or social media pages. If people like what they see within your profile, they will more than likely be interested to check out a few of your links and read into your business and therefore increase the traffic and click-through rate to your website.

You can also post blogs to your profile. Adding daily content such as blogs will draw more attention to your account and through this, your website.

With the connections and followers you have gained, you can email up to 50 of them at a time. This is a helpful tool as you will be able to advertise your business to people who are interested in your line of work and products. Through LinkedIn, you can advertise easily to people of a specific audience.

The number one thing to remember is making relationships on LinkedIn is key to engagement and gaining publicity for your business.

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