One marketing tool that has taken the world by storm is geolocation. What is geolocation you may be wondering? Well, let's just take a look at the app that too 2016 by storm – Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go! Is a mobile based game which has its users running around trying to catch creatures called 'Pokemon' via the use of their phone's camera. The game uses geolocation to pinpoint where the user is in the world via the use of Google Maps and spawns Pokemon and items around the real world map for people to catch and collect. The clever part is due to its geolocation usage, the app forces people to get up and move about in order for them to hunt for each creature.

You may be thinking 'how can geolocation help my business. It's not a game'. Geolocation can be used within the digital marketing world too. Most people have an understanding of what the basics of geolocation are, as their business is located geographically on online maps such as Google Maps so that their customers can find them easily.

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The many usages of using geolocation

One that is still relatively new within the subject area, involves holding augmented reality events. Let's bring Pokemon Go! Back into this. One of the features of the app is to hold events at specific locations within the game in which users have a limited amount of time to catch a rare monster. Businesses could take advantages from this and host their own events. For example, businesses could place images or videos at different landmarks, around towns for people to go out and find to view with their phone's camera. This would advertise their business in a unique and fun way.

Businesses can also use geolocation for location-based offers. Location-based offers are by all means nothing new as they have been around a while, but they do offer businesses many benefits. Via a simple mobile app, you can set up for users to obtain special offers when they reach certain towns or cities in which to use at your businesses closets venue. This method rewards your customers and will keep them wanting to come back for more.

A simple but effective benefit from businesses using geolocation would be that it will help drive foot traffic to 'brick and mortar' businesses. This is especially beneficial for local small businesses who may get outdone by the vast amount of online businesses.

Since the beginning of advertising, businesses have been wanting to find different ways of communicating with their target audiences personally and geolocation might just be the answer.

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