Making videos will improve your business creative skills and amplify your brand's image, creating videos about your products is a great way for your customers to get a real look at what they are buying as you get to see multiple angles of the product and receive key features information this will grip the audience and therefore improve the views and customer engagement. In addition, giving the audiences more ways to consume information other than status updates and website paragraphs, this is because everyone consumes information differently so providing text, video illustrations and audio in a video adapts to the different learning styles of customers & clients. With 65% of visual learners, there's never a better reason to promote solutions, services and products through video.

Furthermore, YouTube’s platform is so effective that you are guaranteed to find an audience of loyal customers as long as you provide solutions and effective information on your services and products. One billion people visit YouTube each month globally, So the chance to expand your audience and amplify your B2B connections and projects looks like a no brainer. In addition, your business website traffic will grow from YouTube links within your videos and on your channel page as for starters YouTube is the 3rd most visited website only behind Google and Facebook which means if your channel is full of engagement and content is frequently being uploaded and shared out then no doubt your website will benefit from this.

You should know by now that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is crucial for your business to grow online to direct website traffic to your page. Google is your friend ...If you get your website on the first page as over 90% of all google searches click on the first ten organic results, so to engineer this success having a YouTube channel with plenty of content will show up in the search results as Google considers videos to be very important and creating quality content will build links to your website and overall increasing the importance of your website and social links. As The more authoritative your website is the more pages of your business in the top end of the search results. Social media is a massive platform for your business to climb the SEO ladder as sharing top quality content right from your YouTube channel onto your Facebook & Twitter will encourage the followers of customers to share the content which sends a strong statement out to google that you are growing your target audience and through YouTube you are creating backlinks to your social and social is creating backlinks to your website therefore Google will acknowledge this growth of metrics within social and will place your website and other pages associated with your business even higher in the rankings.

Sharing can also impact a number of embeds your videos get on other people's websites such as target audience fan page or blog pages. This will rank you higher and showcases that your content is high quality and constantly updated which will also maintain your websites google ranking and possibly increase it. Recreating content is an efficient way of improving your SEO making Podcasts blog posting and creating presentations all about the same subject idea is showing that you have multiple leads of content and a stronger SEO presence as this will create more links and make your google ranking rise! Furthermore, all the additional content can also be posted on YouTube as well as their individual web pages which are another factor that generates more links to engineering the improvement of your SEO.

Through YouTube you can reach a worldwide audience to expand your business and amplify your SEO as a currently updated and frequent YouTube channel will attract different types of audiences who would be unlikely to visit your website any other way this, therefore, creates more shares more engagement and more clicks on links to social and your websites, therefore, improving your overall SEO success just from creative content on YouTube. Another key factor is uploading your YouTube videos to your website because if you have videos about a certain type of product or a service then, therefore, that creates a direct link to YouTube which means more YouTube channel traffic and more website traffic which firmly puts your business in the driving seat. Furthermore, if you have content in your YouTube video on your website page that has a voice over or a person providing the products key features for example then that traps the attention of the viewer and your audience which can obviously generate more conversions. However more importantly for your online presence and SEO having a video embed on each website page will have a massive increase in your google ranking that could potentially put your website in the top 3 on Google and maintains a successful SEO strategy.

Keywords tagging in YouTube videos is a good technique to pinpoint your business sector and your target audience as you can create keywords based on your product, for example, the features of your product like for an excavator bucket you would have the keyword tags of strength & durability. In addition, you can have keywords such as the industry sector your business service is in (Heavy Duty Construction) for and you can pinpoint your target audience this way as well as tagging keywords of the specifics about the product as this will boost your SEO purposes as the keywords tie in with your links in the video that links to your website and the links in the video description and not to forget the embedded video on your business website which will skyrocket your google rankings and generate increased conversions for the ever-growing future of your business.

Overall these are just the key tips to get your business maximising your SEO through YouTube, what you create in your content is all down to you!

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