Having your website show up on the top page of search results on Google for certain keywords, is what website owners try to greatly achieve.

With today's internet traffic at a high, more and more browsers (browsers being your target audience) are using search engines to find relevant websites to suit their chosen keywords. Now is the time to start using SEO as much as possible! Making sure your businesses website and social media accounts are optimised and using all the 'tricks in the book', will make sure you have a continuous amount of traffic being diverted to your business.

The majority of search engine users will be more likely to click on the top 5 suggestions that the search engine pulls up. Making sure your website is optimised to its full potential is key in this situation!
Users trust search engines, so they are more than likely to trust your website if it is one of the top search results that their search engine has pulled up for them.

SEO can also be beneficial for the social promotion of your website, as people who find your website by searching Google or Yahoo, are more likely to promote it on their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

There are well over 250 million websites out there on the world wide web, so making your website stand out from the crowd plays a huge role in gaining new customers. This can be particularly difficult especially if your product or service is highly competitive.

Above all else, SEO will help keep you at the top of your competitors as users are more than likely going to spot your website first. For example; if you and your competitor are advertising to sell the same/similar item, then if you optimise your website with the correct keywords using SEO, your product is bound to appear in search results before theirs.

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