An advantage of using videos within your business is that it gives your audience an inside view of what goes on within your business. With this level of engagement, it will help build up the relationships between customer and brand and improve your reputation.

YouTube can also offer your business direct SEO benefits within search engine results! Google knows that when it comes to certain queries, many people will often prefer a video explanation to make it easier to understand with more help than a standard article. Well-optimised videos can, therefore, be displayed prominently on Google's search results. This will draw in, even more traffic to your business and help establish you as a go-to expert for the subject at hand.

Within the description of your video, you should include links through to your business's website and social media pages to improve the click-through rate to your website.

YouTube has its own internal algorithm that determines which order videos come up when certain keywords are searched. To help make sure your videos end up near/in the top of these results, there are a few things to keep in mind such as;

Watch time – YouTube wants to see how long your audience stays to watch your uploaded content. The platform even has its own entire section dedicated to it on the Google Support page as it is that critical to YouTube! Watch time is what helped the YouTuber Pewdiepie dominate YouTube with over a whopping 54 million subscribers!

Number of subscribers - In simple terms, the more subscribers you have, the more views you are possibly going to gain on each video as your subscribers will receive notifications for when you next make a post.

Keyword relevance – Making sure within the description of your videos you include plenty of relevant keywords, is a key part of making sure your SEO is optimised and will help to make your videos to get viewed by more users with your posts get higher up within the search results.

Length of each video – The longer your video, the more likely your watch time will increase. The tip here is to make sure the content of your video is interesting and relatable to your business.

Reactions of viewers – Likes, dislikes and comments can make a huge difference to where your video is placed on YouTube. If your video has more dislikes than likes, YouTube will pick this up as your videos content being irrelevant or having bad content.

Following the above 5 rough subjects, you are sure to rank your videos higher within YouTube's rankings!

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