The first benefit of keyword analysis is that you will be able to understand your audience’s interests better. Find out what your audience is interested in, and write engaging content around it. A Hubspot study shows that companies that blog have 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links. The two things to ask yourself when creating content for your audience are, does this add value and is it fresh? Meaningful and interesting content will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more, and you can’t do this without finding out a bit about them. So always remember to check which keywords drive the most traffic to your website, and focus on them.

The next benefit of keyword analysis I will discuss with you is that it will increase your conversion rate, not only will relevant content attract visitors but it will attract qualified traffic. If the content you provide is meaningful to those who view it, it will lead to a higher conversion rate. A recent study on the return on investment of email relevance by Jupiter research found that engaging your audience in more relevant communications can increase net profits 18 times more than broadcast mailings. So, think, are you answering the correct questions?

The next benefit of keyword analysis is marketing trends, keyword analysis can offer you insights into marketing trends and consumer behaviour. Know what’s important and popular to your audience and use this information to stay relevant. Trends are constantly changing and this can lead to opportunities to gain more inbound links to your website, through jumping onto the trend as quickly as possible. Just make sure it is relevant to your company before you post!Onto the next benefit of keyword analysis, this being it allows you to prioritise your time. How does it allow you to do this? It’s simple, identifying which keywords are improving your bottom line will affect where you spend most of your time. Are you spending time creating content on the most important keywords? Utilise keywords that are generating success and don’t waste your time on keywords that aren’t; it can have a significant impact on your return on investment

Our next benefit of keyword analysis is that it can help you find new potential markets, use keywords analysis to expand your long tail efforts and discover more specific keyword queries and corresponding warm leads. These long tail keyword phrases may have a lower search volume but they’re easier to break into. Long tail search is the most popular type of search. According to SEOmoz, long tail search comprises 70% of search traffic. Effective keyword analysis should be viewed as a search for the low hanging fruit, the high potential keywords that can help you rank high among phrases that matter to your business. This low hanging fruit can help you break into new markets and strengthen your overall visibility.

The final benefit of keyword analysis that I will talk to you about, is that it will higher your organic search ranking, once you have identified your optimal keywords, placing them in the right location can have a dramatic effect on your organic search ranking. Specific keyword placement in your page title, the name of the root domain, anchor text, alt text, and URL can improve your site's crawlability in search engines. Your organic search rank is important to gaining long-term success. According to, at least 77% of searchers click on organic links over paid ads. If you rely strictly on paid ads, you run the risk of losing a huge portion of your website traffic if you stop paying. The one thing you don't want to do is waste time guessing what your audience wants when you can easily and efficiently conduct a keyword analysis. Use this step as a building block to help streamline your marketing campaign around a consistent theme or target audience. Once you have taken this step, you are primed to reap the long-term benefits.

So those were some benefits of what keyword analysis can do for your business, I hope you found this post useful and will take this on board the next time you have to do keyword planning.

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