Social media will hold the power of social commerce especially Facebook with it being one of the highest performing social platforms out there, although it does depend on your business niche & industry sector you are in. Using Facebook as a main social commerce platform it has boosted sales by at least 50% for a majority of small to medium sized business, this is because of the reach that Facebook expands out too. YouTube is a social media platform that will attract more customers to your website if you have high-quality videos of your products in action for example this can influence the customer to visit your website and purchase.

Although a lot of the criticism is the thought of spending on social doesn't always get the proof of the return of investment, however, social media is driving sales more than ever & not jumping on this express train could mean missing a crucial aspect to increase your conversion rates for your business.

Being creative on your website will only increase the likelihood of conversion rates to increase, by having video content on your product pages with your verbal product descriptions it will give customers who either prefer visual or aural descriptions and influence to understand the product's key features and benefits for their requirements, as for pieces of text how many times have we just scanned it for certain words that we look for rather than reading it as a whole? Also, when adding written descriptions try to make it sound as jazzy as possible rather than just pulling the information from a catalogue or a database, in addition using as many keywords within your descriptions will help your search engine optimisation results.

Using the power of high definition digital photography of your products from multiple angles & with the product in action, this will also influence the customer, therefore, leading to a successful conversion of purchase. High-quality photography will also improve the overall visuals of your website, therefore, enhancing your brand visibility. Using the power of social media tool Instagram will also improve the brand visibility with posts of your products because of its vast range of design features for your photos & the broad reach of the globe at your fingertips. Creating a store on facebook with the facebook store app will allow your photography & social posting to fulfilled to the max!

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Overall there are many platforms where you can increase your e-commerce conversions whether it's social media, photography, or website content. The question is are you doing any of this right now?

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