To get the most out of your social media platforms to improve your rankings on Google make sure you have a solid presence, constantly updating your social feed and actively engaging with customers when necessary. Provide a platform for customers that is just like visiting your website, where you give good information on your products, services and keep them engaged with trending projects such as a competition. Providing links from your social posts to your website will generate an increase in your SEO visibility, particularly if your social feed is constantly updated with promos about products, which persuades the customer to find out more, they click the link on your Facebook, Twitter or Google + this therefore improves your website traffic immediately just through using links from social, although it does make a difference how many followers you have and how many of them click the links and therefore engage.

Shares are important for your SEO rankings as if you provide some top-quality content, a specific information post or a trending post then it's likely that you will get shares compared to if you don't have the best content, for example, if it's repetitive or bland then there's going to be less chance that your content will get shared or engaged with. The reason why sharing is crucial on sites is because as your business gains exposure you will have an increase in website traffic, as well as more followers for your social channels, therefore enhancing your SEO. If you don't have a Facebook page, Twitter profile or a Google + account you are missing out as you're not amplifying your online network, that can share your content, actively engage and generate the growth in your business image, in addition, it critically damages your SEO. There are literally 100's of social networks - make use of as many as you can.

Take into consideration that no factor for your SEO plans will guarantee success for your search engine results, for example, if you have low-quality content on your website but a good HTML link then it's not necessarily a positive signal as your bounce rate will be terrible, and despite the good title link it will not make up for the low-quality content. Furthermore, if your website has lots of links it will be pointless if the links themselves are low-quality HTML links. This is because Google will view the user who linked to your website's website, and if the quality of the website is off topic or not optimised itself then it's not going to reflect well on you to be linked to their website.

Good quality content as we all know is the core of successful or unsuccessful SEO as this creates a strong platform to link everything else together (hence we are writing this blog as it goes!), whether it's your social channels, website or YouTube channel. Create top quality content and you will reap the rewards. Provide your target audience with content that is more than the standard bit of information, create a video, post images and maybe a gif or two just make sure it's some form of digital media that will get your customers hooked - and here is the kicker LINK it back to your website when you post on social media! At the end of the day these people are scrolling through their social feeds and you want to grab their attention instantly. Furthermore, make sure they are full of informative and unique features but more importantly make sure it's real value for your business and leave your competitors in the dust. This is a factor that requires extra attention for your SEO as the traffic from your social media channels will filter to your website and YouTube channel and vice versa, therefore, skyrocketing your ranking - fingers crossed!

What's next in SEO strategy?

Now the next step is marketing your content, research your business sector and what your target audience will be searching for. You need to do this by using keywords which are terms that the audience have in the past and will use to specify the type of content they are looking for, you need to produce content with keywords that answer their search results instantly. Always ensure that content such as YouTube videos has a long detailed description with plenty of keywords (again aiding your SEO), this will have a positive impact on your rankings if the keywords are well researched. If you want certain pages on your website to be viewed more than others use plenty of keywords, for example, keywords for your products features or the benefits of your services. In addition, logically just use keywords that are only specifically relevant for the web page, don't use a lot of general brand words that can damage your SEO ranking and signals as you are not applying the specifics.

Content freshness is an awesome and strong factor in your SEO as fresh content is boosted by Google's Query Deserved Freshness, couple this with pages that load quickly on Google and you are onto a winner. So, what is fresh content? Well its content that can be new or already made but is suddenly becoming a trend in a certain topic, the search engines are all over this they will boost your search results for the web page you posted content and social channel that you posted a trendy image or a trendy gif as well as possible videos that have caught fire in the social world. So, if your business posts top quality content on the right topics, the QDF will increase your rankings and your website traffic will be through the roof compared to the average traffic you usually gain or that of your competition. However, its only for the short term after about maybe just under a month your content will no longer be fresh and the freshness boost will decline, along with your website in the search results. But it is worth it as you will amplify your target audience and your business brand. Furthermore, the higher quality content in your business sector the more chance you will have in terms of reaching another period of content freshness.

Vertical search is very good for your SEO as if you have any digital content such as images, videos and blog posts it might be more likely that your website and social links will show up in the search results for your business sector. These can come from multiple search engines out there also Google has a specific engine that filters out for images, news articles, blog posts and videos. The reason why this technique for SEO is called vertical search is the search engines are set up vertically to specially filter through the overall broad interest, it slices through it vertically and focuses on one specific segment such as the videos and images rather than the large segments of the complete interest. Therefore, this improves your rankings if you have a variety of digital content.

Horizontal search is the exact opposite of vertical search, rather than focusing especially on one key segment of interest in the content, instead, it operates its search on the wide ranges of content associated with the topic which means it won't filter down to the digital content often it takes you text content. This search engine takes in all the pieces across the world-wide web for a topic in the estimation of matching up with many general content types in a broad range of subjects. This has a negative factor in your SEO rankings as this will not showcase your digital content to the target audience very well nor will it link to your website effectively either. Bad SEO!

There are SEO techniques but then there's crossing the line, do not make the mistake of receiving a ranking penalty or even more damaging getting banned from the search engines entirely. This is caused by techniques that search engines deem as spam and the phrase ‘black hat', these tactics are purely to manipulate a search engines knowledge and display a website that is not relevant, or lying about how big the brand of the business is just to get above actual bigger brands or your small business rivals on the search engine and specifically google rankings. This sometimes is caused by some digital agencies or other sectors outsourced that could be the pirates of the SEO world.

Plenty of businesses have had their fingers burned by unscrupulous so called SEO experts and paid thousands of pounds a month for no guarantee of results. Please get in touch with us here in Doncaster and we can show you exactly a clear and transparent path to success in the search engines.

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